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The 2022 Academy Awards, Will Smith and Chris Rock Microcosm


If the past is any indication of possible future events, I’m never going to voluntarily watch the Academy Awards; and really, that’s after not having watched it before voluntarily. For now, let’s just say it’s not my cup of tea.

So, to spare myself any more nausea about this built-up, somewhat interesting but largely insignificant event, I’ll skip to the very interesting part; Chris Rock’s milquetoast joke that Will Smith had to act like he was upset about, AFTER he was already laughing at it. This strong Black man then went up on stage and struck another Black man because said “strong” Black man’s woman couldn’t take a soft-ish joke. I heard more hard-hitting jokes out of some of the females on the show referencing more controversial aspects of Will & Jada Smith’s relationship. So which is more personal? But I digress.

I’ve been married for more than 15 years…..sorry, right now I’m counting them in 5’s because I don’t feel like doing the actual math.  There are times when my wife is RIGHT AS ALL GETOUT about certain things.  There are other times when her reaction to things don’t match the situation.  As the man, there may come a time when I have to stick my head out and deal with situations.  There are other times when I have to deal with her reaction to situations, which means I have to help her manage her emotions. That doesn’t mean physical or disrespectful. Our way of communication where we understand each other is ours.

It’s something you have to learn how to manage throughout your relationship with a person. Sometimes the woman might have to be that person in the relationship to calm her man down if he’s the type that is emotionally unstable in certain stressful situations. YOU KNOW when your significant other is tweaking and it doesn’t match the time and place. This part could be either gender.

In that same vain, sometimes people will mess with you in certain situations because they know which buttons to push and it would make you look bad if you respond.  I get it.  In those cases, the force has to match the button pushing. You don’t want to send The Incredible Hulk out to the elementary school over a baby bully. 

All of these variables have to be weighed. I’ve seen too many times when women have gotten men fighting on their behalf killed or locked up because of HER emotional weakness.  Men have to resist the urge because you can get blackballed or worse by putting YOU in between them and the bullet.

Some people get tweaked over stuff that doesn’t matter as much at that time; so we have to make a decision on how we’ll have to deal with it.  If you have a hot-headed ass man OR woman, they COULD have YOU fighting ALL THE TIME if EVERYTHING sets them off.  That’s not healthy and it doesn’t move in the direction of longevity in a relationship.

Before you know it, people will know how your significant other moves and manipulate her. In turn, it means they’re manipulating YOU just because you’ve made it predictable how you’ll respond to her concerns. You can’t approach every situation with violence and flying off the handle.  If you tend to do that it might not be a bad idea to pull back on your defense a little bit.  Let her know that you cannot be expected to fight everything if she’s going to willingly jump head first into fights without thinking first.

Some people don’t seem to feel right unless something’s wrong. The least little thing often sets them off.  That’s their mental issue to deal with, not yours necessarily.  It just makes it difficult if you’re in a long-term relationship with them because you’re tied to them.  This is why it’s important to choose the right person for you.  And, yet, there’s a lot to be said for the phrase, “for better and for worse,”. You don’t see too many relationships that last like that as much these days, so it’s definitely admirable when people can coexist, flaws and all.

On the other side of that proverbial coin, when the person who tends to jump into fights ALSO happens to be one of the few people who has your back and is willing to jump into conflicts on your behalf. It’s the damnedest thing. You want to be there for them because they are the MOST willing to jump for you, but they ALSO get into a lot of beefs.  There has to be a middle ground. 

If you’re in a relationship where the other person makes you say things to yourself like, ‘She’s going to make me hurt somebody/her/myself’, maybe that’s God giving you hints.  Either things have to change or leave her alone and move on.  When it’s a family member, you may have to create some distance between yourself and them or limit the time and places you’re willing to be around them.

Looking at this from the outside and living long enough to experience a lot of different peoples’ personalities, there are certain things I see that I can assess in live time and not even know how I’m doing it.  I’ve been an entertainer for nearly 30 years. Most types of entertaining requires for you to be very in tune with the audience and its mood or flow. 

As a DJ/KJ, assessments happen so fast that you may have to switch the mood by switching the music, song or making an announcement.  That’s live experience, and because I did it so much over that many years, it’s almost an instinct.  Anyone can practice it.  You can even practice it at someone else’s event in your head.  Exercise and practice your ability to manage social situations.  Personally, I’m somewhat socially awkward with the ability to be socially awesome.  You see this quite a bit in some of the stars you see out there whom you love to see perform. Sometimes the things that make them great are the same things that they had to work on for years despite their own weirdness or vices.

Hollywood seems to breed weirdness without some of the moral and emotional stability checks. They seem to move like money-backed wind with the only REAL substance being how well you can pretend. If it weren’t for the people I know who live there, I might be willing to believe that delusion and deceit are the currency. It’s sad to see because the people who flock to it seem to start out as good, hard-working, driven people who are willing to put in the work to be successful.  Somewhere along the way, the delusion and deceit replace the desire to achieve, leaving scores of broken people.

Truth be told, though, this can happen ANYWHERE in the country. As a matter of fact, we have to also consider the effects of possible alcohol or drug usage. I’m not sure whether Will Smith drinks alcohol or uses any drugs or performance enhancement supplements, but from my own experience, it might help understand how someone like that could do something that seems so uncharacteristic of his personality. The only people who would be able to determine this would be the people closest to him. In the past, I’ve acted or said things (on quite a few occasions) that I probably would not have said if it weren’t for the alcohol. We like to sometimes call it ‘Liquid Courage’, except it’s not real courage, but it can really feel like it. I’ve joked in the past that alcohol is probably more of a factor in most people being here than we would like to give it credit for. As a matter of fact, I might be one of them.

Whatever the case may be, it’s hard to pick a side when it seems like all of these people supported movements that committed a lot of violence in our cities in the very recent past. These elected and unelected bureaucrats in some of these more Leftist cities are full of these toxic hypocrite appropriators castigating normal people as appropriators while they do all the appropriating.  

They do all these things through the media and preach to you how you should and could be better when they’re just broken people trying to figure out what you already know; you can’t fake being genuine for very long before REAL issues expose themselves.

What should be very apparent after the Oscar’s Slap Heard Around The World, is that it’s alright to act out of rage and toxicity as long as the toxic media (a system full of these toxic people) can build a supportive narrative around it or suppress it.  This is VERY typical when you look at the inner city. Instead of throwing money behind programs, take a look at the programs that work, scrap the ones that don’t and protect your constituency from crime.

I see so many people in positions of authority and influence making excuses for degeneracy in the inner-city. If you speak out against this behavior, you’re putting a target on your back.  More often than NOT, the people who allow this behavior very rarely have to pay the consequences of allowing it.  They can retreat to their ivory towers as the city burns down.  These enablers then make excuses for people they pretend to care about while the worst of them destroy everything around them….and we fall for it as our numbers continue to drop.

He was defending her Honor?

Over a light-hearted somewhat fleeting hair joke that Will Smith originally laughed at? Nope. I saw a boxed-in Black man who didn’t manage his emotions well because his over-emotional partner was the emotional leader in that moment. Will Smith went up and smacked a man he knew was smaller than him and had a lot to lose…. Then he turned his back to him and strutted off.  Only after this, he decided to double down and buck up while sitting in his seat. That doesn’t take much strength or courage. If it were the other way around, where the smaller guy tests a more massive person who MIGHT be able to give you problems, it’s slightly more courageous, given the circumstances….around all those rich/elitist people with very little security.

Terry Crews got a lot of blowback for his calculated non-response to a “very intimate violation of space”.  Can you imagine how things would have been a LOT different if his emotionally stable wife didn’t step in and give him another option to consider? That was another power move because the person who did the offense had the ability to influence Terry’s career in some way. It would have been easy work to stomp his assailant, however coming back from that would have been very difficult.

If you watch television, you’ll see more of the wrong way of dealing with conflict and it would be easy to assume that this is the normal way of dealing with difficult situations.

I watch a few different channels on YouTube at different times.  When I can handle it without getting too discouraged about my peoples’ communities, I like to tune into Ak Nation. He shows a lot of criminal activities that happen in our communities that seem to be avoidable.  It’s tough because I have so many family members that I love who look like so many people who fall on either side of the spectrum. It’s depressing to see how we can’t seem to resolve things amongst each other, civilly, on a consistent basis. Why? That’s a whole different difficult topic to tackle.

You have to go to under-developed countries where there’s not much policing to see some of the issues we deal with in these cut-outs within our country.  What they DON’T seem to do in these under-developed areas is DEFEND that behavior publicly. Do we REALLY want to turn a blind eye to criminality because someone can SELL you on a sob story?  No!  There HAS to be accountability.  Unfortunately we have people in our society who preach that unaccountability is preferred and practicing restraint is negotiable depending on who you like.

We have people out here pushing the notion that Math is racist, as if numbers don’t matter. These individuals would get rid of statistics and logic, if given a chance.  This is exactly what I see in these people who are being pushed as “thought leaders”, not actual leaders. They sit behind the scenes and feed this crap to the more charismatic Deceit Salesmen.

Will Smith was wrong, PERIOD.

The jail system is FULL of people who involved themselves in issues of others who may/may not have deserved it.  This is time that could have been used more productively.  Sometimes, you lose more than time.

I’ve seen violent, delusional women attack men and seemingly believe they have a chance to win. Of course, any time there’s violence, a lot of bad things can happen.  Men KNOW which battles are going to be tough before they approach another man.  Men have been space, mass and logistics specialists ever since conquering has been a thing. 

Men are, predominantly, the ones who would have to do the fighting in battle.  It’s not enough to just say, ‘Let’s go fight.’ Men have to have a plan for success and I think this is missing in a lot of delusional women who believe they can fill the Man void.  It’s not enough to just be an aggressor or an appeaser. Being a man means you have to be able to balance a lot of interpersonal cues that may not be obvious to younger boys, girls and some women.

Regardless of what these nouveau riche try to tell you, there’s a difference between men and women. We, as people, can all do certain things that other people don’t/can’t do. Men and women naturally gravitate towards different things and, yet, lately it seems like one side has to understand the other without any reciprocity. Fairness goes out the window at that point. We see it in the family court system every DAY, where a lot of these women get the benefit of the doubt, allowing them to take control of things they may not necessarily be as capable of managing.

Men are being removed from their children’s lives at an alarming clip, through many means, in these Democrat-run cities. These Democrat Deceit Sellers are supported through the media, news, bells and whistles. Coincidently, the main people being harmed as the system turns a BLIND EYE to the self-inflicted criminality are the very voters who vote up the charismatic facade that’s controlled by the unelected and soft pseudo-thinkers.

In a way, a lot of these Hollywood types perpetuate the VERY thing they later become a victim of by supporting the people who push this illogical behavior. They are sold that Logic, Math, Discipline and Reality are Racist….in the form of Conservatism.  Instead of pushing how they were raised to save money, study hard and be accountable for your actions, they tend to jump aboard the latest media-driven thing.

It’s difficult for me to pick a side when I saw that train coming from the other side of the country almost twenty years ago. That message has been all but drowned out by the social architects who will, seemingly, never have to pay for the destruction they cause as long as we can be convinced that multiple millennia worth of evidence is a social construct, not forensic evidence.